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  • Our core team has been working together in the design and manufacture of wheelbarrows for over 35 years.

  • In this time we have perfected what we think is the best and most cost effective designs for wheelbarrows. 


  • Every stage of the manufacturing process is over seen by one of our experienced team. However a robot would not be able to spot anything that wouldn't be up to our high standards. 


  • We treat everyone with the same level of customer service and respect. Whether you are a small company ordering a few wheelbarrows a month or one of our larger customer's ordering hundred's every week. 


  • For UK pallet delivery we use a leading logistics service, Geodis. This enables us to offer the quickest delivery times compared to our competitiors. It also means we won't dictate when you're having a delivery; order when it suits YOU!


  • Unlike our competitors we do not supply to any DIY superstores. We think this is unfair on independant merchants who are also stocking the same product; if consumers can save money by going elsewhere for the same product they usually will.


  • We do not use "pushy sales techniques" - If you are happy with a product that isn't one of ours then why change?! Having healthy competition is important in any market; we'll respect whatever your reason might be! 


  • We can deliver to your customer's directly - providing it is a minimum order of 1 pallet.

  • We use an external delivery company; all you'd need to do is email us your delivery note to put on the goods (or we can make one for you). Call us to find out more.


  • Our products are priced fairly from day 1. If you are using another supplier why not call us for a quote and find out why more and more businesses have moved over to Reliance.



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